Fewfre's A801 Tools

Due to the flash browser plugin being discontinued, flash apps cannot currently be access via the web.

However, you can access all the flash content on fewfre.com on the downloadable tools launcher below! It has access to the following tools in one convenient launcher:

And while flash content may not work, the handful of non-flash tools on the site still work! Click "See Also" on top right to see them.

Fewfre's A801 Tools Launcher

Access all fewfre.com flash content in one convenient downloadable launcher!

Note: AIR Installer requires you to install Adobe AIR first, but may allow installing the app on Mac/Linux.

Alternatively if you have a swf player installed, you can download and run tools.swf directly as well.

If your able to view flash content on a webpage somehow, you can access the tools app below instead of via download!

Sorry, this app requires the (discontinued) browser flash plugin to run! Please use the downloadable version instead.