Atelier 801 Translation File Retreiver

Fetches translation files for Atelier 801 games, decompresses them, then displays them.


Choose the game

Dead Maze^
Transformice Adventures

*Transformice file also contains translations for Fortoresse, Bouboum, and Nekodancer.

^There's a lot of Transformice messages in the Dead Maze file; it's recommended to go to the bottom and scroll up.


Choose the language file you wish to see.

For other languages enter your country code below. Sorry to those I did not list above, but as this is a simple tool I didn't feel like listing them all.


Script is pulling translation file, decompressing it, and formatting it. This may take a few seconds.



  • %num (ex: %1) represents a dynamic value (number / username) that will be injected into the string at run time.
  • (male|female) allows sex-specific text (either may be omitted to do just male/female text).
  • Tags (ex: <V>) are shown but disabled. Two exceptions are img tags and font tags (when they have a color; otherwise ignored).
  • #SPEAKER_NAME: (Dead Maze) represents the name of a speaker in a multi-person dialog.
  • _P_ (Dead Maze) breaks a dialog into multiple parts.