Transformice Skill Tree Builder

This is a free fan-made tool to allow people to create the perfect skill tree setup for their mouse, be it to plan ahead or to share with friends.

  • Use left click on an icon to increase the points per skill, just like in Transformice except you can also use right click to decrease it.
  • Use the up and down arrows near the level indicator to in- or decrease your desired level. Hold it down to make it go faster ;)
  • Press the Redistribute button to reset the whole tree.
  • Press the Share! button and press Ctrl-C or Cmd-C (on Mac) to get the link to your custom tree.

Original / majority of code by Evilsantah. Minor changes by Fewfre. Thanks to the Wayback Machine / Internet Archive for archiving it all these years.

Original and current version both licensed under the MIT license.